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Personal & Professional Books

Though many know the name Annie Weissman for my memoir and heartfelt novel Reinvented Lives, I've also written for professional, pedagogical applications. Find out more about my novels and reference material, and how you can order it.

Travel Blogs & More

When I'm not working on a new book, chances are I'm blogging about a fun, new experience in my life. I've already logged several travel blogs. I also maintain a blog about being single as a senior. Be sure to keep checking back for updates.

My Story

My name is Annie Weissman, an author from the baby boomer generation. I continue to produce well-regarded writing from my locations in Scottsdale and Munds Park Arizona. After more than 25 years of publishing work, I've received  positive reviews from critics near and far. I've made a name for myself for weaving humor into the bleakest of subjects, and having fun with popular topics

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Please contact me in Scottsdale, Arizona, for any additional information about my work.