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I'm Annie Weissman of Scottsdale and Munds Park, Arizona, and I've penned everything from reference material for teachers to novels and a personal memoirs. Read up on my different releases, and purchase them through Amazon® as an e-book or paperback.

Reinvented Lives

Rae, and 80 year old woman, has developed dementia. Now her three daughters must face the problem of what to do with her while battling each other's reactions. This novel is more than 300 pages of wit, insight, and humor that have been hailed in the San Francisco Book Review and Kirkus Reviews to name a few. Kirkus Reviews on "Reinvented Lives"

Reinvented Lives: For discussion questions click here

One Door Closes: A Memoir about the Plane Crash of Northwest Flight #255

These memoirs recount the news of Northwest Flight #255 crashing shortly after takeoff in Detroit. Experience the uplifting and personal story of how I survived the death of my daughters, Emily and Elizabeth, in 1987, and began to make a new life.

Teaching Material

For teachers or librarians that would like a ready-made curriculum, you have to read A is for Almanac: Complete lesson Plans to Teach Library Reference Skills K-8. It includes full lesson plans and acts as a perfect template for you to customize to your classroom.

Do Tell: Storytelling for You and Your Students is another reference book for teachers. This easy read acts as your personal guide to the art of storytelling and has includes easy to learn stories. It also has  plans to transform your stories into higher level reading comprehension lessons.

Transforming Storytimes into reading and Writing Lessons is a book for teachers who want to add active participation into their classrooms. The plans in this book encompass literary elements, compare and contrast lessons using Caldecott Medal books, analysis using folk tales, and readers' theater scripts.


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